Caroline Gray spent her first five years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and then by the river in Canterbury, England, where she took her first photographs.  Her visits to her father in Darjeeling, India, instilled a love of travel, of the color and aroma of landscape that has never left her, and deepened with the years.  Photography has always been her passion, while working in choreography, theater, and art galleries. Her passion is now her profession. 

She is fascinated by the many sides of photography.  She works with architecture and landscape--bringing a perceptive and artistic eye to  the befores and afters of exterior and interior designs.  She has a large body of landscape photography which she uses to adorn interior shoots, and has in galleries.  She covers portraiture, underwater photography, and even food photography.  Always seeking to learn and to find new challenges.  

“Landscape—especially water—has been an obsession.  The presence of water in a landscape opens up such an emotional range—can convey a great sense of life and vitality, and of destruction; of peaceful reflection and turbulent passion.  I am a keen swimmer, and the camera allows me to swim/navigate through through landscape in all its moods.  Nature offers a vocabulary for the exploration, and the objectivization, of our human emotions, a vocabulary more nuanced, more immediate, than words.”  Caroline came to California 20 years ago and has lived here photographing the California coastline - the moods and emotions of the Pacific.  Scenes of life on the beaches above and under water.   “The camera is for me another visual organ—a mode of sensibility in its own right.  I can’t imagine exploring the world without it.”


Article in Lobster Blog - ‘Caroline Gray’s Digital Dream‘

Article in LA Times - California Moments.

Published work in a magazine Misjonsblad for Israel 

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I just go on learning, seeing things anew.  This is for me the release of California. The landscape and culture just frees the eye to see and then see again ever fresh.  Constant renewal and balance. The path stretches away.

Please send me a message if you enquiry about purchasing my images. they also sell on Getty images, and are currently showing at  Sienna 395 S Topanga Canyon Blvd #204, Topanga, CA 90290 and Mikael Bishay 2919 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405.